Thursday, 5 February 2015

Life Book 2015- wk 1

Check it out! I signed up for this online mixed media course! YAY!!!
It's called Life Book and we do one project a week, all on the same size paper, and then bound them together at the end. The part I really love is that they are all centered around "practicing self care through art," as Tamara Laporte (lead teacher) says.

We have to do one lesson/wk, and I'm a month late already, but I really have had a lot going on. I thought I'd share my projects with you along the way.

In week 1 we had to create a fantasy character, and in these proportions/position. Because the teacher was modelling a sun character in yellow, I thought I'd switch it and do a moon character in blue. The background is done in watercolor, the face is a mix of watercolour, acrylics, and markers.

"Surrender me your dreams" is Goddess lingo for "Share your dreams with me," I dunno, it just came out that way and I went with it. Her dress is made of strips of paper and splotches of iridescent paint applied with a stick and moved around with an old credit card! 

Her hair is purple and she wears a simple moon crown. I got to use my stamps for the stars around her. I even got to  pull out the glitter! This was a fun project! 

Yay! I'm done at least one lesson!