Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Lifebook wk3: Artful Words

This week in Lifebook, we received a lesson in how to create artsy writing with Joanne Sharpe

Using the mantra "Art heals your soul," we are to use 3/4 of the page for the wording and the other space for doodling.

My piece is inspired by my plans to go camping this summer with a friend. I drew it by pencil first then went over it with a fine point black marker


I used my Stampin' Up! markers along the edges. and then would go over that same section with an Aqua-Pen, It lets you drag the colour out in a relatively seamless wash, piece by piece.

Oh the messy, imperfectness of it all!... that I'm just going with since I'm really working on letting the perfectionist tendencies that hold me back go.

Have an awesome day!

If you are wondering what happened to week 2, well, I skipped it!