Friday, 26 February 2016

Earth Energy

 This piece is from a couple years ago but I realized I hadn't posted it yet. 

I have depicted the energy from the Earth rising into a tree and then into the sky. It's what I created while I was reading the book Heart Yoga. I have been exploring a new side of yoga (for me), a more spiritual and restorative side, where we focus on feeling the energy rising up into you and uniting your body, heart, and mind.

I used old book pages for the background and a map for the "heart" section.

 Something I'm really enjoying is playing with my reinkers (& some acrylic medium) because whatever is behind still shows though. (It's like a being able to change the opacity of something in MDS.)

A spark as it reaches the top and branches out in many directions as it sparkles with orange glitter.

I was going to put a figure in Tree Pose...but then this Tree showed up instead and it's is so much better this way.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Moose Spirit Animal

This is what Lifebook does to me, it inspires me to create pieces that are not part of any lesson. That's great! I won't complain about having too much inspiration.

I often like to paint over old calenders. Take the staples out and off I go! Creating on different shapes of paper can bring out something different.

. I was reading an article on moose and their traits and habitat and how those elements combined founded the animal's essence as a Spirit Animal.

So I filled my moose with words, the traits that She represents as a Spirit Animal.
  • camouflage
  • instinct
  • solitude
  • strength
  • confidence
  • noble
  • protection
  • gentle
  • adaptable
  • perception
  • agility & grace

I got some new watercolor crayons from my aunt and had fun with these. After adding in words, I added some stamped leaves, and some swirling retired SU rub-ons on Her "crown." Yes, I'm aware that only male moose grow antlers but it's ART so I can make her with an elaborate swirling crown if I so choose ;)

A little blue bird rides along with Moose as if she is sitting upon a throne. I ♥ animals.

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Zentagle Butterfly...

Making the background for this lesson was freeing, just having fun spraying through some stencils, adding in bits of book paper, using my SU reinkers, & adding in some random stamps.

The butterfly is meant to be filled in Zentangle. Other than doodling on my pages during class, I haven't really ever tried to incorporate Zentagle into art. It really is calming, the way coloring is for some people.

The butterfly's trail that she is leaving behind, incorporates what I want to leave behind this year. The swirl of a sun she is flying towards incorporates words of things that I wish to grow and keep with me this year.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Lifebook returns for 2016

Hello Everyone,

Happy New Year! I've started 2016 off with Lifebook once again. I'm not too proud to say I sorta fell off track last year, which well, it happens. Anyways, I'm back following Lifebook's inspiring prompts, working on retaining all the positive messages and seeing where those items take my art.

I take in the lesson but make the pieces my own since our styles are all different. For this first one, I took photos along the way as the piece progressed that I'm grateful for now.

We were to pick two animals as companions to a figure who is going on a journey. I chose the white horse because I do see him in my dreams. The baby duck, well, I had one as a kid and they're so soft and cute.      


So, week 1's lesson took me a couple of weeks but was lots of fun!

See you soon!