Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Lifebook wk 5: Affirmation feather

This lesson is considered a bonus, and although it could have been skipped, (since there really are soOo many lessons that you get as a part of Lifebook,) but it was such a cool idea that I had to try it!

I had an actual feather kicking around the house that I used as my model. Yay! Since as soon as I started trying to draw a feather, I forgot what they looked like!?

The very base layer is watercolour. Then we are again creating a collaged background but this time it is overtop of the watercolour. The final layer is paint and paint markers.

I let my work air-dry in between each layer, which can drag things out a bit, but I do not find that drying with the heat dryer or a blow dryer works very well when it comes to collage. Plus it lets me work little bits at a time, and I seem to make better progress that way.

I love how encouraging Tamara is, what makes this course Uber special, is that it is so very inspiring. It really has this entire "honouring and celebration" of the self and the processes we are working on in our lives as a very important journey.

Week 5 completed! Hope you are enjoying fall!

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