Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Moose Spirit Animal

This is what Lifebook does to me, it inspires me to create pieces that are not part of any lesson. That's great! I won't complain about having too much inspiration.

I often like to paint over old calenders. Take the staples out and off I go! Creating on different shapes of paper can bring out something different.

. I was reading an article on moose and their traits and habitat and how those elements combined founded the animal's essence as a Spirit Animal.

So I filled my moose with words, the traits that She represents as a Spirit Animal.
  • camouflage
  • instinct
  • solitude
  • strength
  • confidence
  • noble
  • protection
  • gentle
  • adaptable
  • perception
  • agility & grace

I got some new watercolor crayons from my aunt and had fun with these. After adding in words, I added some stamped leaves, and some swirling retired SU rub-ons on Her "crown." Yes, I'm aware that only male moose grow antlers but it's ART so I can make her with an elaborate swirling crown if I so choose ;)

A little blue bird rides along with Moose as if she is sitting upon a throne. I ♥ animals.

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