Friday, 26 February 2016

Earth Energy

 This piece is from a couple years ago but I realized I hadn't posted it yet. 

I have depicted the energy from the Earth rising into a tree and then into the sky. It's what I created while I was reading the book Heart Yoga. I have been exploring a new side of yoga (for me), a more spiritual and restorative side, where we focus on feeling the energy rising up into you and uniting your body, heart, and mind.

I used old book pages for the background and a map for the "heart" section.

 Something I'm really enjoying is playing with my reinkers (& some acrylic medium) because whatever is behind still shows though. (It's like a being able to change the opacity of something in MDS.)

A spark as it reaches the top and branches out in many directions as it sparkles with orange glitter.

I was going to put a figure in Tree Pose...but then this Tree showed up instead and it's is so much better this way.

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