Thursday, 18 February 2016

Lifebook returns for 2016

Hello Everyone,

Happy New Year! I've started 2016 off with Lifebook once again. I'm not too proud to say I sorta fell off track last year, which well, it happens. Anyways, I'm back following Lifebook's inspiring prompts, working on retaining all the positive messages and seeing where those items take my art.

I take in the lesson but make the pieces my own since our styles are all different. For this first one, I took photos along the way as the piece progressed that I'm grateful for now.

We were to pick two animals as companions to a figure who is going on a journey. I chose the white horse because I do see him in my dreams. The baby duck, well, I had one as a kid and they're so soft and cute.      


So, week 1's lesson took me a couple of weeks but was lots of fun!

See you soon!

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